Sunday, March 1, 2009

Final Interview questionnaire

Current Status of Treatment Practices in Photograph Conservation

Interview questionnaire
a. Could you please tell me your name, job title and affiliation?
b. When was this conservation lab established and for how long have you been working here? (if applicable)
c. Could you describe your clientele? [for private practice]

1. How do you define treatment?
2. How do you determine the need for treatment?
3. Would you propose the establishment of a regular treatment program for the collection? [for institutions]
Type & Aim
4. What is the scope of treatments that you perform and the types of photographs you treat most frequently?
5. What is the aim of the treatments?
6. Could you describe, as an example, the intervention of a photograph you treated (methodology followed)?
7. How do you evaluate treatment results?
Degree/Extent of intervention
8. What do you consider as a minor, moderate and major intervention?
9. Do you consider the creation and application of secondary housings as conservation treatments?
10. What changes overtime do you perceive in the way treatments are approached and performed?
11. Do you perceive changes in the level of intervention?
12. Do you consider that the perception of how a photograph should look, in terms of its condition, has changed through time?
External interactions/influences
13. What is your observation of the work performed in other institutions and in private practice in relation to the work performed here?
Do use and context of photographs define their treatment approach?
14. Does market (value/trends) influence treatment decision-making and performance?
Specific treatment topics:
15. Daguerreotype cleaning
What is your opinion about daguerreotype cleaning?
16. “Chemical” intensification; To restore: Fading/Color shift
What is your opinion about chemical intensification of photographs?
17. Un-mounting/remounting of photographs (including disassembly of albums)
In what circumstances do you consider un-mounting photographs can be justified?
18. Modern and Contemporary photography
What has been your experience with treatment of contemporary photographs?
Final questions:
Treatment experience/training & future
19. Do you consider that treatment proficiency is central to the competences of a photograph conservator?
20. In terms of treatment, what are the major challenges that the field faces?